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Nice fall sir ,:clap::clap:, if would have been posted at open we will be taken in cash :), but
what i hesitate is even i find this pattern , sl would be candle high ? if taken in F ,

Yesterday also same pattern but not this much fall ,
Just memorise it keep in mind itll happen in some stock or index ur wattching in future take advantage that time s cash is better in case of big sl we always need to find ways to minimise our risk maximise rewards u have good head on in it as u showed in ur bnf trade just keep learning and improving .happy trading.


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Rjshem sir please guide how to handle circle area?

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U should be very clear on exit rules if ur rules is to exit at s4 then u have to wait for it to hit s4 no prior exit follow ur rules for all trades correctly.thers nothing like 100% correct way of trailing u need to findoutcwhat works for u and stick with it all trades.

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