Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


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hi shubhadeep bro
here is bnf chart-2 jan2015

blue line- long entry
dotted blue line - adds
red line-short entry
white line-initial sl
white dotted- TSL
yellow line- complete exit
yellow dotted- partial exit
My way of doing it:



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Your replies and corrections waited for post 309 and 319 please.
My dear friend, please give me some time as marking in charts needs some time.. doing them one by one...Hopefully I have done one of yours...

Take care & enjoy.


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sir, am I correct as I marked on chart and entry/exit.......?

Good job for ERLs,

Excellent markings, but I have some aggressive entry points already discussed in previous posts, hope those will clear doubts.
If not please tell me again.


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My way of Trading.

Please learn , I have marked most of the techniques in these charts, please learn from it, if you want to trade in my ways.

Thank you very much

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