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The problem is not with the set ups.....the problem is how you approach these set ups....

If you see the nifty movements currently, the stoploss a trade needs is 20-22 points but after the breakouts does it give 42-45 points move to give you 2:1 RR ?? On most days it does not give more than 10-15 points move after a breakout and the correction sets in and your 2:1 RR goes for a toss....it gives a large move only on strong trending days and those are very few.....

So what is the solution ? Either trade only on strong trending days ( you have to figure out these ) or trade failures or trade correction after the breakout...it gives lower stops and better RR....Other solution is trade Nifty options based on breakouts in nifty Futures chart ( this is being done very successfully in real time on Twitter) or think of trading BNF which has a larger stops but it gives 100-200 points move quickly.....the moment we see PL and PH entering into each other, be sure that it is not a strong trending day....you can make 2:1 RR in Nifty Futures trading breakouts only on days when NF gives a move of 80 points and above.....

I dont claim that I have solutions for all trading problems but we have to find our own solutions and these are some clues towards the solutions...each will have to find a unique solution which suits his mindset.....

Excelent insights ST da....as like always :)


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Vijay Bro
Its not about not finding one setup.Its about finding ONE MECHANICAL SETUP on which we can put BIG POSITION SIZE..
I am trading discreationary.Without a mechanical setup ,I am not able to increase my size. For me a good size would be Where R would be 25K OR 50K OR MORE..thats risk amount.For BNF, it could be like 50- 100 lots.
I cannot bait big amount on my discreation . I want peace of mind while trading.Things work when In a trend, but in sideways, it takes.In intraday, there is lot of sound.
So, I just want to trade limited setups.Which can give 1:2 R:R & 50 % win rate.1-2 intraday trade is enough.
If you find those setups, Please let me know.
Dear NT,
Yes for big position trading you need Rule based setups its mechanical or discretionary ...mostly low risk trades need ..IMO you all ready know what setups working gud with your current system...you can trade that setup only...that may be not comes frequently but when come its mostly wins....hope your mind picked one from your current system itself....:)
for increasing positions you can do it by scaling position size by steps using some MM rule as per your risk and profits....
As ST da said we mostly noticed sideways are more ...trend days are very few ...so one can trade only in trend days ...how to find trends I think you know it from your system itself...
I have seen most of failure setups give low risk and fast trades...TIF's ORB method how gud its is ...but very few tryed it...OBV method which our friend shared here in TJ another simple one ...when ever price and obv cross 200 ema same time which give gud low risk gud RR trades ...but trade not comes everydays
ncube recently shared one simple method for investing ...its one powerfull method ....but I had seen simple powerfull methods /setups no one try it......rjshem posted some pur own PA setups ..he recoed pick any one setup it will do wonders
you can try any setup of any method which give low risk and gud RR trades ...but for that our mind,patience to wait for that setup which need to develop ...
Hope its helps you
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Your oscillator system will give him defined entries, exits and smaller stoploss. It will also give him comfort of a 'mechanical' system.
Bhai meri koi system ko beech me mat ghaseeto.....let people trade other fully mechanical system and trade their large funds on it if they find one.....

Aaj kal investor hain to kya hua...hum angrezon ke jamaane ke trader hain.....:)

Yes STda, why can't an individual be an investor and a trader too. Arguing about Mechanical/Discretionary is unnecessary. If one has psychological issues it does not help which system you trade.


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Only mechanical system trader in our forum is XRay bro...Xray bhai please drill some mechanical system and psy into Niftytaurus .....
Doc babu !!! i have already shared in my TA thread my mann ki baat ,NT is very matured and experienced member...he knows where to start,ST da /vjay answered his question and suggest few solutions.which surly help him... , let people trade in there comfort way.:)..vitamin M matters..;)
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In persuit of financial independence.
Doc babu !!! i have already shared in my TA thread my mann ki baat ,NT is very matured and experienced member...he knows where to start,ST da /vjay answered his question and suggest few solutions.which surly help him... , let people trade in there comfort way.:)..vitamin M matters..;)
NT (is also my friend by the way and a genuine guy I know) specifically asked that he has problem upscaling and wanted a mechanical way to do so (Vitamin M? probably that).
Now if I haven't lost count, I have read atleast 25 times in your posts about 'psy' drill(I am guessing it is psychological, but my guess may be as bad as Vitamin M), 'mechanical' and 'upscaling'. When someone needs to know what those mean and how to implement them, you point them to some books. Now that's not guidance, that's more of an announcement.
About ST da, I think you would agree this much that sequential and combo are not simple to either understand or teach, but I learned it from him in this very open forum and reflected those teachings to everyone interested.
He never said go and read the three books written by Demark. He never even said first go and read the original Demark thread, of which he was an active author. If I asked him something, he answered and that's the end of the story.
What do you think, the signature line in my profile is for cosmetic purposes?
If this forum is a place for learning and growing together, then no point in just pointing towards books......

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