Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


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I am telling here openly, i can teach anyone with dedication.

If any one want to learn TRADING & Earn, I can teach..all for FREE...

But one thing...have to have DEDICATION & Patience....That is all needed...
I want to learn Subha da pls tell me where/how to start.



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We will be doing here only. I will show the path. But you have to travel. It is hard work only. That is all needed. A lot of dedication mixed with patience.
Dear Shubhadeep Sir
Right now I am trading NSE markets..but soon I am planning to trade In MCX..Especially crude..My goal is to earn 40 point average/800 points per month in crude..I dont know how much is it Practical goal but I follow the same quotation as you told.."nothing is impossible"
I am ready to do as much hard work as needed..but please show me the path how to fulfill my goal..what all I need to learn?

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