Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


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Subha, At what point in the move do we know that the previous HPH is now a VPH :
When a HPL is breached or when a LPH is formed !

Is it at this stage a VPH: ???

Or Now its a confirmed VPH :
First one is right,


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The term ERL is not understood. Kindly elaborate. Thanks.
P.S. I searched it from Subhadip's thread on crude and got this :
"ERL= Early reversal line.
basically it is the support & resistance lines used in a specific manner in case of pivot trading.."
I will explain in detail about ERL; Early Reversal Line


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Are the markings of vp's and MP's Major pivots correct.
Are we in sideways major trend and visual trend up presently.
Please tell us the imp of major trend and how to use for intraday trading.

Good job!!!


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Subhadip Sir,

We buy once we see Higher VPL and Higher VPH and Viceversa for sell ,This means we need to enter on second Higher VPL formation (In case of UPtrend) ,As first Higher VPL would be used for confirmation.

This means we need to skip first Minor Trend for entry(Since that was used for confirmation),Please correct me for my misunderstanding.

Attached is todays Nifty Chart :-

Subhadip Sir Gud evening ,

Please answer my query ,Thanks


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This is similar to my last query! I had not noted these posts before posting the above.
Here we see that Point one which is initially a MHP becomes a VPH. My query is when? The two images posted by you are at two different points in time. If the MPH at point 1 has already become a VPH at the point when Pic 1 is made then why the Pic 2? It is already a VPH when Pic 2 condition is met?
Am I missing something?
No ur absolutely right.

See both the picture different, have one more try, See minutely, see the last mPL, in both the cases.


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My kudos to Subhadip and VJAY for taking efforts to selflessly impart their knowledge to fellow traders :thumb:

To the Fish Lovers.

Just found this doc while searching some other book in my lop shared to me long back by my friend VJAY.Modified the doc name to avoid :D


Happy learning,Fishing and discussion :thumb:
Thanks a lot, but can u remember who has send you the same?

Hope u can remember your old friend my dear friend.


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I am keeping this reserved.
The probability - works only if large sample of trades is taken.
The probability of 60% band random dart trades again works only if taken in the direction of trend.
To keep it simple - the probability of head or toss is 50/50 only if large sample taken.
But when just 20 the probability of heads may vary as 14:6.
But in 100 tosses it will be 50:50.
I am going out in a hurry.More later.
I am going out will try to share more on this when I return.
But probability works easily with a good system with a good money management skill in our favour.

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