Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


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ERL is the Support & resistance.

Yes seeing ERL we can exit, one of the exit strategy(Partial) is when price enters ERL.

Main purpose of ERL is for identification of VPH & VPL.


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We have discussed Rally Decline, minor pivots, Visual pivot, ERL and trend too some extent.

Now all have to identify different trend in different Time frame.

Given you all the materials for those I have told above.
Now all have to practice.


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Rules of Intraday Flow method: (IDF)

I have learned it from Saint sir, Kapil Sir, Pratap Sir & ST Sir,

IDF trades the minor trend in the direction of visual trend in 5 min chart.

5 min chart used for all index & scripts.

To understand the visual Pivot at 5 min TF, I look at PHs and PLs in 15 min chart. Every pivot in 15 min chart is a visual pivot in 5 min TF. From experience you can do it in 5 min chart itself.

Go long/short at Visual Pivots. Exit at minor pivot break. If 60 min clsoing at known support/ resistance also exit.

Adds on Minor pivots.

Opening trade:
If open in yesterday's range:- in Direction of Flow 30 enter on break of Yesterday's pivot. Against Direction of Flow 30 wait for a 5 min pivot above it or go long/ short above/ below the bar that gives a 15 min close above or below it.

Sideways: Nothing to do. Close outside bodies of sideways and then go long/ short above high/ below low of that bar.

Flags: nothing to do. Trade the Break out & Break down.

Profit booking: Support & Resistance.

Now yesterday Visual UP Condition:
1. Gap up above VPH; go long over mPH over 1st Bar.
2.Open/ Gaps down into range but above Visual ERL: Go long over mPH (When minor trend alligned MPH).
3. Opens/ Gaps down into range but below visual ERL: Go long above VPH; go short below VPL
4: Gaps down below VPL: short on a pivot below 1st Bar.

Now yesterday Visual Down:
1.Gaps down below VPL: Short below minor pivot below 1st Bar.
2.Opens/ gap up into range but below visual ERL: short after minor trend alligned to it.
3.Opens / Gaps up into range but above visual ERL:Go long above VPH: Go short below VPL
4. Gaps up above VPH: Long on a pivot; Short below pivot if 1st Bar moves into range

Visual Sideways Days:
1. open in range- go long avove VPH; go short below VPL
2. Gaps above VPH: long over minor pivot;
3. Gaps below VPL: Short below minor pivot.


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When to go long:
1. Price in Visual Uptrend- comprising of Higher VPH & Higher VPL
2.Price pivoting above visual ERL of the downtrend.
3. In Visual Sideways, we will wait for an mPH to be formed above ERL

When to go Short:
1.Price in Visual Sideways;
2. Price pivoting below Minor ERL or Visual ERL
3.In Visual Sideways: we will wait for an mPL to be formed below ERL.

When nothing to be done:
When price enters Visual Sideways .


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