PinZoo is a pre paid long distance phone service that you can purchase online.

:) PinZoo is a pre paid long distance phone service that you can purchase online. Call anytime from anywhere in the continental U.S. to around the world and get superior quality and cheap rates. PinZoo is more popular for online calling cards and phone cards, which offers more secured way of purchasing instant prepaid phone cards. In pinzoo the purchasing process goes as the customer buys the Instant Prepaid Phone Cards (Calling Cards) or Instant Wireless Refill Minutes (Pay As You Go Prepaid Mobile Airtime) online. After successful recharge your Prepaid PIN is sent by E-Mail Instantly. Pinzoo is a ebay power seller, and offers 100% money back guarantee if the services are satisfied by the customer.

Pinzoo offers the following prepaid phone cards, Instant Wireless Refill Minutes and other cards also, If you want more details log on to

Prepaid phone cards

* Pinzoo platinum.
* Pinzoo Gold.
* Pinzoo Bronze.

Instant wireless refill minutes

* Alltel wireless.
* Ampd mobile.
* Cingular wireless.
* t-mobile wireless.
* Tracfone wireless.
* Verizon wireless.

Some of the common and frequent testimonial given by the customers.

* Fast delivery and positive transaction.
* Excellent ebayer! Smooth transaction.
* Very helpful customer service thank you!
* The grade for the service A++++++++++++++++

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