Physical share transfer

My father is having some shares in physical form, which he wants to transfer in my name. Could any learned member guide me the procedure of transferring the shares in physical form. Please tell me if there are some particular forms or documents required for doing so.
hi friends,
please suggest me a good broker who is charging 5% as span margin for nifty furures(around 12,000/-per lot) since my broker is charging 10% I would like to have better value for my money,if possible. My broker is also charging around Rs.250 (excluding tax) as brokerage for buying + selling of nifty fuutres one lot. Is there any bettter brokereage schemes available in the market. But the services of my broker is good, though little expensive as he also charges Rs.1000/- as software licence fee per month, which will be creditied back if I generate that much brokerage in one month. I day trade online. Please help. :eek:


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