performance analysis of trading systems

seniors,please guide me to judge my different trading systems according to different ratios and factors in amibroker backtesting. i have taken nifty spot data from dec 2001 to oct 2012 for consideration and backtesting and no margin money has been taken in to account and 0.05 percent brokerage and slippage in each leg has been based on these parameters , what should be the rage and limits of different below mentioned ratios and factors for average, good,very good and excellent systems.
1.Annual Return % (CAR)
2.Max. system % drawdown
3.Recovery Factor
5.Profit Factor
6.Risk-Reward Ratio
7.Ulcer Performance Index
8.Sharpe Ratio of trades

Based on this i will analysis my trading systems and if found reasonable to trade then i will post in them in traderji.

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