Perfect Newbie looking for Perfect Help on trading

Hello Everyone,
Hoping to hear the best from one and all and not disappointed to say m a newbie here... well havent found much time to tink on shares and trading, mutual funds and insurance has been my best bet so far.

Ok my question, pretty simple and straight -- i have been browsing thru guides section at traderji to find out for a guide that explains on buying shares... i am not interested in on Interday / Intraday shares n all... I jus wanna invest (lets say) 10000Rs on some company shares (lets say, Infosys / TCS / Satyam / HCL / TechMahindra ...) and hold on to the shares for some months and incase if the value of the share shoots up, den sell....??

Can some1 guide me for this, what shld i do, whom shld i contact? how can i buy those shares? Do i need a DEMAT account, if yes, which 1 is te best for now.. i dont wanna spend too much on transfers (miscellaneous charges)...

My entire intention jus 2 invest and hold on for some days / months / years and sell if it goes up :clap: :rofl: or keep woooooinng if it goes down :(:confused:

Hope some1 guides me through.....


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First requirement is a PAN Card. Afterwards, u can open a trading account with any of the share broking firms / institutions like icici, hdfc, indiabulls, sharekhan, etc, where u can open a demat account, trading account and SB account with designated banks, if necessary. afterwards, u can start buying shares and keep them in yr demat account.

as far as scrips are concerned, u can buy scrips like l&t, bhel, pnb, etc and other A group shares, if u want to keep them for long term investments. I think colgate is also a good scrip for long term

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