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Paul Rotter hasn't written any book .... he's an order book scalper ... there is a book on this methodology which works (by John Grady) but you can not apply it to forex as there is no exchange and hence no real DOM ... so this methodology is irrelevant to forex, you can not scalp based on the DOM in forex atleast not on the retail level.

There are some services which claim to provide DOM for forex like eFXlpus but I have no information on how reliable they are ...

Now as far as forex is concerned I've read a large number of them over the years and they're by and large filler/fluff and B.S. as far as methodologies and systems are concerned ... they just wont work no matter how disciplined you are.

Just a handful are worth reading and the best book among them on forex trading hands down is a book called bird watching in lion country (2010 ed) but it is meant for slightly advanced traders newbies will not understand it as it will not tell you exactly what to do. The author doesn't disclose everything, he tries to peddle his expensive private mentoring services ......... but I still found it the best book for the little info he does disclose.

Most truly profitable traders wont disclose what they do anyway right from market wizards like Ed Seykota to Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla, they're paranoid about losing their edge ... so nothing unusual.

note:above is imho in your humble opinion you might find some other book for e.g. Forex trading for dummies more useful ... or maybe some other book ... all I can say is good luck with that
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His method of trading cannot be applied to the futures market as well because in futures, the orders placed don't affect the futures price.
Am I right about this?

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