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Thanks man.
I already have started a few threads explaining the methods (and I have my own website). You could see my signature thread for an introduction.
My present account size right now is 4L (including pledged holdings)
More bragging; in fact I won 12 of the last 13 times and may just win this time too (30 days to go with 70K in green)
i will check out your thread. i am curious and excited. pleased to meet you.
Dear Charles,

I would like to just put a little thing into your perspective. Believe strongly that it will help you.

Take a whole trading day to come out in a small profit at least. If not possible extend the fight to one more day. If you are still not profitable then it is like a iceberg ahead of titanic.

Greed, Fear, Revenge Trading and Over trading all are meaningless because its not basically your fault. Someone trading against us are more smarter than we are or have some kind of edge. Thats all.

Please don't think I am teaching you are something. When you have time please google "technical analysis is a fallacy" and read the first 500 pages of the thread. Trust me this radically changed my thinking once for all and paved the way for my success. If there is something called a Holy Grail, this is it. Its not an indicator or trading system like most think.

I offer my full support for you winning the challenge. Good luck. :thumb:
Hi Pannet1,
Tried your signature and its too heavy and ended up frustrated without any knowledge.. May be i could have failed to grasp, could u pls explain it in simple words

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