Parameters for valuation of script or share.

Lets classify before v as an indiviual come to some conclusions-:

1.Who owns cos- The managment track record.

2. Managed - The professional,person,group managing.

3. Finance - Promotors fiscal banking.

4. Product - The demand of the product.

5. Quality - Market

6. Future - Expandable

7. Hazards - Competitors, consistency in quality, Government Policy

8. Nature - Is product a cyclical , regular, slow moving ,fast moving.

9. Goodwill - Product and managment to which market gets addicted.

10.Marketing - Quality, quantity,availability,awareness,sales promotions
consumers satisfaction and their rewards of addiction.
11, Shareholder Return to shareholders in form of dividends,bonus, coupens for reabte etc.
12 Worker Do the employees get profit share in the form of salaries and bonus and other benefits.

13. R & D, HRD Is the cos has following department and are they making some better and regular innovations and creating new dimensions in thier product and corporate image of the company.

Technology - The company must develope and have latest techno for the reducing cost.and new tech concept not only in manufacturing butmarketing too and HRD make the co more efficient.

Integrated Is the company integrated one or depend on the raw material of the others cos . How is their supplier relation,availibility. etc/

I hope these are overall view to come to conclusion about the value of the script and helps in making ur mind to invest in IPO, secondary market,hold for short,medium and long term and everyone will different sale to read these points.

With regards
urs NK sagar. :)
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It will be more in harmony with the present trend of the companys exposure in the media,brand ambassador if any and the reach of the company to the consumer which decides the quantum volume of the turnover.
All the basics above mentioned have uniform impact on all the equities inviting investments,but I think how much is their reach to the market either domestic or overseas will decide the winner and our future escalations inour investments

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