OrderMan - Ordering interface for NOW + Amibroker

Dunno, i use it with same NOW version without issue
I feel the line which popup buy/sell window is a problem for me.
i am trying all these options passing directly values also but it fails.
//ControlSend, SysListView323, {F1}, Welcome
//WinMenuSelectItem, Welcome,, 3&, 1&, 1&
//WinMenuSelectItem, Welcome,, "Orders and Trades", "Order Entry", "Buy Order Entry"
//WinMenuSelectItem, "Welcome","", "&Orders and Trades", "Order Entry", "Buy Order Entry"

Please could you check on this and guide me where i am going wrong
I wrote this to manage trade entry and updates for NOW.
Releasing it a bit earlier due to request.

Basic overview

You can also pickup prices from Amibroker by using Hotkeys.
Default shortcut for Entry price is Win-a, for stop price is Win-s and for target is Win-T. This can be changed in settings. Price is picked from line under cursor. If there is no line, it picks using tooltip. Trade direction is automatically set after picking entry and stop. Price will be round off to tick size based on direction ( For longs Entry moves up and Stop moves down ).

Configure and read further instructions in OrderMan.ini. Start by running OrderMan.bat.

Download - 0.1b
Source code is here.
License - open source ( gpl3) - which basically means that if you redistribute it then also provide source code.

Download includes AHK binary. For those who can code/debug - you can use included IDE scite. OrderMan.ahk is the entry point.

1) This is initial release. It will probably have bugs. I am using it for few weeks with entry and stop. Target is less tested.
2) Ordering is more difficult to test than rtdman. So its likely to have more bugs and regressions in any new release. So we will release beta build and based on feedback release stable build later.
To minimize problems for testing - a) test with small quantity trades b) Test using below setting. This will keep Buy/Sell window open and you will have to push submit manually after checking.
AutoSubmit = false
If there is a problem, you can simple close the application and manage orders manually.
3) Development will probably be slow as i only code once in a while based on need. So have patience.
4) This has some missing features. There is no logic for partial fills yet so You wont be able to move Stop past entry when Limit order is still not complete. SLM use should be ok.
There is no support for partial exits yet. All of these and more i will write later ... But you can manage manually after entry in such cases after closing application.


I am using Nest from Alice Blue. I have installed the Orderman from various link you have provided.
And change this as guided by various members

in " OrderMan.ini" cgange the server name and WindowTitle

# "Nest" or "Now"
#Server = Now
Server = Nest
# Nest/NOW Window Title substring
#WindowTitle = "NOW 1.13"
WindowTitle = "NEST Trader (3.17.0)."

But when I am trying to open OrderMan.bat found Dialogue Box " NOW not found" .

I have read all the 47 pages related to this. But unable to succeed .

Any forum members Help is highly appreciable in this regards .


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