Options Trading Historical Data

I am very new to options trading since am just in the learning process.....can someone tell me if historical data for scrips traded in options market (India) are available on any website ???
is anyone aware of some software which can download options historical data from nseindia.com if the scrip, strike price, etc is entered into the software along with the yaer from which you want to download the historical prices
I don't think there is any.

I looked high and dry but could not find this kind of software for downloding quotes from nseindia.com

I would love to know of any if you do find it.
i am constantly in touch with a programmer via e-mail and have asked him if he can program such a software....i will keep you updated if he decides to go ahead and program it....in the mean time if you come across anything please do let me know.....also amc....i would like to know if you are using any software to analyse options ???
No, I do not use any software to analyze options.

I only trade options on special ocasions, when I expect a major reversal on the downside.

Otherwise I trade uptrends by buying stocks or futures.

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