Options Table

Hi ,

Iam new to the options and would like to know how to read the Option table especially LTP

I am using ICICI direct and would anyone please explain the below tables

Sr.No Stock Code Initial Margin % Minimum Margin % SOMC %
1 ABB 21.0 16.0 10.0

Click on the above stock code

UnderLying Product Symbol Expiry Date Strike Price Lot Size LTP Option Type

ABB OPTSTK 23-Feb-2006 1,770.00 200 NA Put

In this table, I have trouble in understanding "NA" for LTP. some contracts have a number under LTP

Thanks in advance
ICICI direct customer service is very poor. I am not able to get a clear understanding on
1. How do i figure out how much margin amount I should maintail. Seniors, any help on that?
For example Stocklist for ASHLEY shows 30, 25 and 10 as margin percentage. but if I go to
F&) --open positions --options, I see Rs.31037.50 as margin on position. Can someone please clearly explain what they mean by this and how much I should maintain?

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