Options Strategy view invited

Hi ,

I have taken three postions - Satyam -760 CA Jan 25 for Rs 15/- ,
TISCO -390 CS Jan 25 for Rs 4.50 /- ,Reliance -920 CA Jan 25 for Rs 11.50 /-

Views are invited on all these positions ........
1 bought or sold?
2rel will expire on 17 jan and not 25(as i understand)
3if bought -probably will lose as markets might correct due to the not so impressive numbers by rel and infy
4if sold will probably gain
5if sold-naked or covered?
6market movements cannot be predicted with 100% certainty --so if sold naked then hedging should be done either as vertical spreads or with futures.

I am new to this forum and trying to learning .It seems that your are having long open position and it is not covered with any short position or it is not hedged against any of your short.

If the prices increases no problem .

It is risky in a downward market.Try to adopt a strategy to come out of this safely (minimise loss)like taking covered short position (to this scrip or nifty )on broader perspective or stop loss.For strategy position you may need invest further.But risky .Sorry to say this.

Remember that time value is decreasing as you approach the expiry.
Reliance will be closing all derivatives on 17th Jan.
hi guys..

i have bought an infosys put option (OPT-INFTEC-25-Jan-2006-2750-PA) for Rs. 42. It is now at 22.5

I was under the impression that the stock price will fall below 2750 and so i had bought that yesterday....now i need some advice on what to do? is my opinion correct? or has the market already reacted to the infy results and the option will further diminish in value? should i sell it and accept the loss or should i wait for another week?

someone please help me out!!

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