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Respected Sirs/ Madame
I am absolutely new to options. I have few questions who starts the first execution of CALL OR PUT???

For e.g - When Indiainfoline was 745 in future last week, i was tempted to buy 800 call but my trade never got executed as there was no buyer or seller.. today it is 830 + then also there is no movement in call or put ... please explain y ???????????

& why there is Nifty call /puts & not single contracts in Junior & Bank nifty.

thank you


Active Member
It is totally based on liquidity. Your buy call can only be executed when there is a seller for the same. Nifty volume trade is very high in comparison to Junior Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc. Before putting any order you have to see whether there is any volume or not. Once you have executed the order you can opt for excercise option in case trading stopped.
If there is no liquidity in the option script, just don't trade it. If you are interested in making directional bets just do it in the futures market.

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