Option trading tutorial by DanPickUp (Somatung )

I was looking for mentors for option trading and Somatung recommended his thread (http://www.traderji.com/options/66266-option-trading-danpickup.html) which he written in his previous avatar. I have read the thread and its a very good and useful source for learning option trading basics. So i have copied and pasted important post in that thread and saved it as a doc file which i uploaded here.
I just come across DAN's thread, unfortunately it is closed. Could you please share the compiled Doc?
Thanks in advance.


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couldnt download..it says..
You are not authorized to download this file.

should i have register there?
On my side it works. You have to allow cookies on the download side as you have to enable here when you log into the forum. You also have to disable any add blocker on the download side. You may then will see the following as I see it:


Then press download and it should work.


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DAN hatsoff to this person...iam a big fan of his knowledge and writeup wishing him best luck ahead.:)

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