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Operators choose such stocks whose floating is minimal. Be careful with analysis such as Promotors, Institutions together holding 85% of stock. Infact, the floating stock in such cases may be less than 1 or 2% against 15% as supposed to be. Where has remaining 13-14% of stock? Its in the hands of Big Wigs often backed up by Promotors. On the contrary, we think that 15% is held by general public. Practically, the floating stock is barely 1-2%. How easy it would be to mark up and mark down such a low floating stock. You will see many false breakouts, freak rallies/crashes to draw the attention of innocent traders/investors.

Generally they choose such stocks which are about to turnaround.

Following can save a lot of money for you.

1. Trade Index based stocks.
2. Fundamentally, the stock should be positive. That is, for past 3 years the company is making profits and paying dividends. (This simple rule will filter out many false stocks).
3. CARG and sales should be growing for past 3 years.
4. Debt of the company should be low.
5. Buy stocks only when Nifty P/E is near 16-18. (This can be checked on NSE website).

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