Opening an online trading account

Dear Friends,
I am planning to open an account with SBICAP Securities. Please tell me whether it will be good decision or not?
Previously, I traded with HDFC Securities and had a good experience but due to higher AQB I closed all relations with HDFC. I want to start with very low investment and hence looking for new broker.
Friends, due to over activeness of the SBI, I dropped my idea to go with them. I followed up for 25 days with them the situation was same as on day 1. I opted for Axis Direct 3 in 1 Account due to lot of conveniance to me as I am holding salary account with bank.

And I called up the customer care at 11:30 am, I got reply at 12:30 from local executive and at 5:45 in the evening I completed the form filling. Very quick, prompt and user friendly service. I am happy for the time. Waiting for account activation. Will let you know trading experience once I start.
I had bitter experiences with Sharekhan and Axis
In the case of Sharekhan, their executive came home, took all my signatures, came back again due to signature mismatches and then after a couple of days called me to inform me that I had to get my banker verify my signature - no offer to help me with it. Hence dropped them
The Axis guys kept speaking of coming to my place and kept delaying for days
I have finally opted for Kotak Securities purely based on their customer service. Their executive literally chased me to give him an appointment. He came, took my signatures, informed me that there could be mismatches and that he would help.
The next day he called to confirm that my banker's verification was required, chased me again till the day I was free. He came to Citibank with me carrying a form that Kotak have designed, waited till my banker verified the signature.
He called me the next day to inform that the process of setting up my account was initiated. Since then, even after the account was activated, he has been calling me at times to enquire if I need any help.
THAT is customer service. Incidentally I work for one of the Fortune 100 companies in their Customer Service department
Friends, Here I am back with the Axis Direct Experience. The exp is great and I am very much happy with their three tier brokerage scheme and the interface is absolutely fine, only it requires good internet connectivity. But very strange and surprising problem I am facing. Still after a month after activating my account I am uable to view it my iconnect (Axis Bank) portal. Following like anything but no responce from Axis Bank. Lets see where it ends !

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