opening a trading account

Hi All,
when i opened Trading account (to trade using TraderTerminal) with IndiaInfoline, the guy in charge was my close relative. so, i just signed wherever he cross marked without going through the document. he is available to have a chat in person.
Now i am thinking of opening account with BNR or RKSV after having a chat with them via phone only. I have a question here.

1.apart from providing low brokerage are these firms any different from IIFL so that i need to be careful of? . i want to be careful in signing the documents. anyone please answer my query.
I believe personally checking the background of every broker is nearly impossible. and that's why i raised the question in this forum.
Indeed, you can shortlist your favorite ones and check their online reputation first. anyway you need to try the demo or trading live for a small amount to test to control your risk.

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