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How does your broker allow you to trade?

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Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

I don't think so that geogit is best for online trading including all ... i handle all plat form of indiabulls / indiainfoline / icicidirect .. etc .. so i think so that indiainfo is good .. for online trading
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

The pros and cons of Geojit will be clear only if members of the forum, who have an account with Geojit, care to share their experiences in this thread. My experience has been good when compared with the competition. But your mileage may vary. Only more information can decide Geojit's positioning i.e., is it suitable for beginners? or is it only for low volume traders? and so on.

Geojit is the best. But best in what way? The sum of users experiences should answer that soon. So, please share your valuable experience now.
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Well I am using the new look quite impressive.. charges r also ok..
Delevery .5% incl all taxes
square off .15% incl all taxes...

much cheaper than icici. also u get signed contract notes and bills within two days by courier.. nice one hdfc. trade direct from your saving account..
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Hi to all am using Geojit for the past two years.

Good thing about them is response time is good you drop in a support mail they are there to answer (my experience).

Its true they brought the first trading platform to India and where first brokers to bring there IPO in the market. Have oversees branches.

Lets come to business:

They developed a new online trading platform with the help of Reuters. called RMOL which is far better but totally depends upon what type of traders are you. its catogrised into three sections:

1) For not so frequent traders who want to invest and do there sell or buy immideate confirmaton on both buy and sell. Its free

2) for people who want streaming data live from the market minimum brokerage of 500 montly

3) For daytraders its just like ODIEN but much better. Price execution is very fast and is good. montly brokrage 3000 Rs. (but will suit only daytraders)

Support on toll free number available in market hours so that if u get any problems in ur net or page breakdowns . just call and trade they will help u

Safety is there as they are well established and have a good research team.

Research reports are good.

there are many other factors which makes me still stick with these guys. You transcation accounts are updated regularly and if u get any confusion response time is very quick. Vist the branch and queries are handled quickly irrespective of how small investor u are.

They we can say are careful brokers.

digital contract notes on there mail address (ex [email protected])

rest u can check from other viewers


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Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

>Delevery .5% incl all taxes
>square off .15% incl all taxes...
Few more details re hdfc, is the brokerage 0.5 each way or both ways? Is this available to all or by minimimum monthly volume?
ICICI is 0.57 each way + 0.25 tax so I presume .5% from hdfc is for both ways else it isn't much cheaper.
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

As far as brokerage is concerned they offer the following:

Intraday 0.03

delivary 0.30

margin funding 15% P.A

rest the taxes and all the other stuff is same as other borkerage houses
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

I too agree that Geojit is one of the best Online trading sites when you consider brokerage fees, features...
I recently shifted from ICICI to Geojit and am quite happy with the service.

Just a query on Geojit: How will I know the IPO application status?

Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

hai lohit thanks for your imformation . iam staying in france can i open an online accont with geogit and do trading
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

dear lohith thanks, iam staying in france can i trade through geo git is there any possiblities . if it so pls help me iam aware ok.

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