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How does your broker allow you to trade?

  • Personal Visit

    Votes: 6 3.8%
  • Phone Call (including SMS)

    Votes: 7 4.4%
  • Internet Order

    Votes: 59 36.9%
  • Visit or Call

    Votes: 10 6.3%
  • Call or Order Online

    Votes: 26 16.3%
  • Visit or Call or Order Online

    Votes: 52 32.5%

  • Total voters
An account with Geojit allows you to:

Buy and Sell - Equity - BSE and NSE
1) Square Off (Short Selling Not Allowed)
2) Delivery
Put and Call - Derivatives
3) Futures
4) Options

To get started you need:

1) HDFC bank or UTI bank account
2) Demat Account with Geojit
3) Trading Account wit Geojit
4) Online Trading Account with Geojit

To can trade through:

1) Visiting Office
2) Phone Call
3) Internet
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Thanks for your views Lohit. I have been wanting to change from ICICI Direct. I wonder if any other members are using Geojit and what their experiences have been....
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Hi Lohit . Thanks for u'r offer . I also Use ICICIDIRECT for Online Trading . Geogit is one the best secirities services in India . but when i use ICICI ; i also got lots of prblem but in Geogit u say SHORT SELLING NOT ALLOWED .. then why should GEOGIT .. there r many option like INDIABULLS , INDIAINFO...
I am chaning my accout to INDIAINFO .. can geogit allow me & my friends to short sell ? ... wating for u'r reply ...
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Thanks for the response. It is sad that though Geojit was the first internet trading platform in India, many aren't aware of it. Geojit isn't marketing aggressively for reasons best known to them. (read the last paragraph)

I hope to highlight the benefits of being with Geojit and share my experience as the days pass by.

A few clarifications:

1) I am not affiliated with Geojit in anyway other than being a normal user to trade in the capital market.
2) I wanted to be with the best offline and online broker currently available in India and my search led to Geojit (after 3 months of comparison with the competition).

The brokerage structure is different for phone trading and internet trading (cheaper)

Short Selling:
Short Selling is allowed only through visit/phone trading.

Minimum Amount:
Rs. 3000 for internet trading
No minimum amount set for visit/phone trading

3 in 1 Benefit

Once you register, you can either visit, phone or get on the net to trade. Any competition?

1. When I day trade (also short sell), I vist them.
2. When I have to buy or sell a few shares or do a small enquiry, I call them.
3. When I am seriously investing (not day trading), I log on to the net.

An insider (authenticity yet to be verified) told me that Geojit believes serious investors don't trade on the internet but sit right next to the NEAT and BOLT systems at their office. Is this the reason Geojit doesn't allow us to short sell? (protecting newbies?) Is this the reason they don't aggressively market their internet trading platform?

I'll let you know once I find it.

Usual information on:
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

Brokerages for Internet Trading:
Square Off - 0.03%
Delivery - 0.30%
F & O - Rs. 75 per lot

Digital Contract Notes (DCN) and Power of Attorney(POA) make it truly an online system. No need to sign the slips when you sell. Money is also debited and credited directly to your bank account.

Brokerages for Offline (visit or phone) Trading:
Square Off - 0.10%
Delivery - 0.75%
F & O - ?

Demat Charges
Buy - Nil
Sell - Rs. 10 (with DCN) Rs. 15 (without DCN)
Account Opening - Nil
Holding Charges - Nil
Annual Maintenance - Rs. 250

Transaction charges, securities transaction tax, service tax and education cess extra.
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

IndiaInfoline giving more cheap than Geojit , but Geojit allows only Standerd Coustmer i felt
Re: Online Trading - Only Geojit is the best!

You may call me penny wise but I calculate my profits after deducting all overheads - brokerage, transaction charges, securities transaction tax, stamp duty, service tax, education cess, demat charges and taxes, tax on capital gains and also expenses incurred in using phone, internet or petrol for trading.

Convenience is the No. 1 factor.

Taking these into considerations, Geojit figures as the best! (If you are trading upto Rs. 5 Lakhs)

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