online trading of secondary market shares

i would like to know the facilities available for online trading of secondary market shares. i.e., with whom should i register. will any member clarify. :)
Sharekhan is a very good online trading terminal. You can log on to and register your name. They will definetly call on you and do the needful
Hi Balsura2004

to day there is a vast market for on line trading

few ones are as follow-

ICICI bank
HDFC bank

and so many

Mohan683 :cool:
Sharekhan is definately a very good software.. it provides a few studies....I hv used Sharekhan, Indiainfoline and Fortis... My Pick is Sharekhan !!!


New Member
I would recommend Indiainfoline's 2005 trade terminal. They provide research & tips in a consolidated minute to minute updated manner.

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