Online share trading using IndiaBulls

Hi All

I am intrested to open a Demat and trading account with IndiaBulls.

However I need a clarification before making final decision. How is the trading/demat account linked with saving account (ICICI) ? and how can one transfer money in and out of trading account to/from saving account

Is it really useful or one has to make payments to the broker through shares.

If anuone can kindly answer these question it would be of great help.

Hi u can go ahead.But make a study of different online trading brokerages with respect
to brokerages and flexibility in trading like margin trading etc.with respect to money transfer u need to transfer money through netbanking from ur account by electronic fund transfer.good luck.
If you have ICICI account you can link the same but transfer is one way electronic. That is you can transfer through e-banking from saving to trading account but while withdrawl you will get a check. If it is HDFC both way electronic.

But brokerage wise it is much more competetive giving as low as 0.02 for intraday and f&o and 0.2 for delivery.

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