One day delay for stop orders in Enhanced System Tester

I have a question about the use of stop orders in the enhanced system tester of Metastock 10:

Order limits are executed at the price that generates the stop detection but I would like to use the price of the open of the next day.

The reason to do this is that when you are trading a mutual fund is not possible to use real stop order in the market, like when you trade in a stock, therefore the only possible think to do in the real world, in case of a stop signal by trading system, is to place an order that will be executed at the next day price.

For mutual fund open, close, max and min price are (obvious) the same therefore it isn't relevant which to use in the system tester

The "Strategic delay" option in the "Sell Order" tab of System Editor is useful only to simulate the delay in receving the data form the data provider and it isn't what I need, which is to simulate a delay in the EXECUTION of the stop, not in the relevation by the system.

The "Delay order opening" option in "System Testing options" works well only for Market terms order but has no effects on sell signal generated by a stop

could you help me please? I don't have the fainest idea how to solve this matter quite important for me


thank you very much


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