OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

Agree. I've recently opened a real account at Olymp and since I've started (which is only a few weeks) I've seen some major changes in the platform. More than that, demo users don't even suspect how many more features Olymp has got but saves those for VIP clients. Some of such features like interesting indicators, trailing stop loss, real-time trading signals - those were the prizes for their recent anniversary tournament. I bet real-time trading signals could be easily transformed into a algorithmic trading development environment within OT trading platform. I think this is a good idea to start requesting such changes by e-mail or support chats. Sooner or later they will make their clients happy :)
The problem here is that most forex brokers avoid automated trading systems. They don't normally state this clearly, but very often they will limit bonuses on accounts using Expert Advisor, don’t count EA volume for referral programs, etc. Why they do this is the other question. I think Olymp will hesitate to introduce automated trading as well.

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