Old wine

Hello traders

New comer to traderji but an old hand at the markets. Been with the ups and downs of the markets from 2006 onward full time and have been partially dabbling since 2001.

All my trading are done on the basis of technical analysis but only on stocks which have a good fundamental. So generally the number of stocks that I trade is limited to the F&O stocks.

All my investing is mostly based only on fundamentals, i just try to time the entry via long term charts and have been mostly either too early or too late or have completely missed out on the stocks on many occasions.

Mostly trade equity and nifty futures and options. Not very active in stock futures. Currency mostly USD INR. Rarely into commodities.

Will be mostly involved with the community and shall post if I find some thing intresting in the markets with charts and explanations.

Hope to learn and learn more from the members and also guide the new comers from all the goof up experiences I have.

Happy trading guys and happy weekend.

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