ODIN Shortcut Keys not working

Hi everyone,
I worked as a jobber at SARA CAPITAL on NEAT terminal, and on NEAT we get option to directly Cancel pending order, Cancel all pending order or modify and many more... on a click of keys from keyboard, no need to play with mouse. Now i want to use all those shortcut keys of ODIN for my private trading; its good that all of this keys are present on ODIN and bad thing is that not all of the keys are working fine. Only few keys such as "buy, sell, view order book, and few more shortcut keys" are working.
If i want to "Cancel all Pending order" then Shift+43 key is assigned by default, then also it is not working. Even we have option for assigning new shortcut keys, to check it press "Alt+K" from key board we get KeyBoard Shortcut window to create shortcut.
Please if anybody knows how to assign keyboard shortcuts of ODIN let me know. I will be grateful for all of those.

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