Nse Website Not Opening

I Have Purchased A New Computer And I Am Having Windows Xp From The Starting I Have Encounterd A Strange Problem When Accessing The Websites All Websites Are Accecable Except Nseindia.com

Can Some Body Help Me
Chennamsetty - That should not happen unless your Internet Service Provider (BSNL/Bharti/Tata etc) has barred nseindia.com from the access list - and they have no reason to ban the access of NSEindia. There must be some other transient problem (for example - for a brief period the NSEindia.com was not accessible for data congestion reasons). One should expect this kind of downtime with websites of any Indian organizations - as not many of them handle the online accessiblilty with the seriousness that it deserves (including the ones whose business depends largely on the internet - ICICIDirect being a recent case in point).

In any case, formatting the C drive will not solve the problems you are facing. Try something else. I assume you would have solved it by the time you read this post.

Taking a slight deviation from the topic - I understood that NSEindia.com is the only one exchange (or at least one of the few exchanges for that stature) in the world that offers *FREE-REAL-TIME* quotes from its *own* server (China too has a couple of exchanges - but the data provision is handled by a 3rd party). Please check http://finance.yahoo.com/exchanges - though there is always scope for improvement on part of the NSEinsia web server, on a comparative scale I would consider NSEindia.com server is still doing better than a lot of similar profiled business-backed web servers belonging to Indian organizations.

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