NSE Tick Data - Best Offer


I bought three years' worth of data from GFDL (Global Financial Data Feeds). The data quality is poor.
They don't follow a single naming convention, it's impossible to use the data for backtesting.
The folder names have spelling mistakes, and price columns often contain strings.
Time and date are sometimes mixed, sometimes separated.
I spent a lot of time cleaning the data, its not worth the price.
Hello @algorush
Could you please confirm if you are the same guy who has this youtube channel with the same name ?

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what is the use of this tick data really ?
I quickly went through the past posts in this thread and as said by @primitivetrader what you get is only 1 sec data.
Even that no one knows the accuracy. Please dont waste money on expensive data.

If you think that the lowest time frame data can help in someway ask here...may be anyone can revert you a good reason why it cant help.
I don't agree with this. Lower the timeframe, more easy to unravel the intricacies in data, although this is expensive computationally and financially.

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