NSE or BSE? 5Paisa/Sharekhan or indiabulls? NSE-Quotetracker?

Hi everybody, this is a rapidly upcoming day-trader. I'm learning everything, gathering all resources and catching up with everything. For now I need valued guidance from eminent senior members of the community to have me get started. Its my beginning on Traderji, soon I hope I'll be ready to support our community as well.

I'm in the process of my DMAT account being opened with ICICI, but I'm also keen to have one with sharekhan/5paisa or indiabulls...

My questions....

1. Which market to choose? BSE or NSE ?

As I've learnt that NSE offers live realtime datafeed through their web site that can be downloaded using tools like quotetracker... Please let me know if trading on NSE is as equally prospective as compared to trading on BSE ?. I mean, do NSE has enough traders traffic for all most-traded stocks... I'm a bit skeptic about my concern that I may end up with some stocks in my hand on NSE while the buyers and actual hot trade taking place on BSE.... but then I'm too much concerned abot ICICI's heavy commissions that add up to 95 PAISA/ intraday trade... so I'm pretty much interested to start with NSE with low commission options of 5paisa/indiabulls/sharekhan...
Please let me know if I should choose BSE or if I can do well just being at NSE.

2. A Newbie question: Trading between BSE and NSE :

I'm not sure about this... Please let me know if I can buy a scrip from NSE market and sell it in BSE market and vice versa... Can I do it through a DMAT account with ICICI ?

3. Is there any concept of Intra-DMAT trading?
I'm not sure about this... But I was inquisitive about it... and so I'm asking this right here... the question is... Can one shift their stocks from a DMAT account of ONE online broker to ones DMAT account with ANOTHER online broker? I'd like to keep shifting my stocks between a NSE online broker such as 5paisa and a BSE broker such as ICICI ... Now since my stocks are mine, I hope I am and I should be allowed to move in my shocks between several brokers same as in case of real world trading of any other commodity! Please let me know about this...

4. The Online Broker : Which one to go for?

For now, I need to choose an online broker. I heard Sharekhan charges 15 paisa for one way trade. 5paisa is heard to charge 10 paisa. Indiabulls is also heard to be charging 10 paisa for intraday. On this front I need to know which one of them is the best for me to choose... I need to know the best one in terms of realtime data, fast transactions and additional technical analysis or support that one can have from them.

5. The live feed : : Quotetracker with NSE ?

After all my research into getting live data feed, the conclusion one which I've reached is... its the combination of quotetracker fetching data from NSE in realtime provides live data for real time trend analysis that's the basic requirement of day trader.

I've downloaded quotetracker and I'll check it in real time with NSE tomorrow.

Meanwhile, please let me know if this NSE-quotetracker combination is just perfect to fulfull the datafeed requirement of a day trader...

Any good alternative of ICICI for BSE trading?
Please let me know...

At this juncture of my development, I'm more than excited with all developments I've gone through.. and I promise I'll soon end up offering FREE stock pick alerts for our traderji forum as a matter of returning thanks to the whole community that has helped a lot in my overall development. Thank you all and thanks once again in advance for helping me out with my above queries.

Warm Regards,
Sanjay Kapoor.

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