NSE Investigation Report on "Illiquid Stocks"


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Circular No. NSE/INVG/2010/542
Download No. NSE/INVG/2010/15645 September 3, 2010
Dear Members

Sub: Illiquid securities

SEBI has directed the Exchanges to draw up a list of illiquid securities based on criteria jointly decided by SEBI, NSE and BSE. List of such illiquid securities identified based on trading activity during the month of August 2010 is enclosed as Annexure. The list will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Trading members are advised to exercise additional due diligence while trading in these securities either on own account or on behalf of their clients.

For any clarifications, members are advised to contact Mr. Chirag Mehta or Mr. Bharat Patil on 022-26598193.

For National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Nisha Subhash
Assistant Vice President


Sr. No.	Symbol	Security Name	ISIN Code
1	AFL	Accel Frontline Limited	INE020G01017
2	ALKYLAMINE	Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited	INE150B01013
3	APCOTEXIND	Apcotex Industries Limited	INE116A01016
4	APLAB	Aplab Limited 	INE273A01015
5	ARIHANT	Arihant Foundations & Housing Limited	INE413D01011
6	ARROWTEX	Arrow Textiles Limited	INE933J01015
7	ASTRAZEN	AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited	INE203A01020
8	AURIONPRO	Aurionpro Solutions Limited	INE132H01018
9	AUSOMENT	Ausom Enterprise Limited	INE218C01016
10	AUTOLITIND	Autolite (India) Limited	INE448A01013
11	AVANTI	Avanti Feeds Limited	INE871C01012
12	BALPHARMA	Bal Pharma Limited	INE083D01012
13	BEARDSELL	Beardsell Limited	INE520H01014
14	BHARATRAS	Bharat Rasayan Limited	INE838B01013
15	BIMETAL	Bimetal Bearings Limited	INE469A01019
16	BLBLIMITED	BLB Limited	INE791A01024
17	BLUECOAST	Blue Coast Hotels and Resorts Limited	INE472B01011
18	CALSOFT	California Software Company Limited	INE526B01014
19	CHETTINAD	Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited	INE132B01011
20	CINEVISTA	Cinevistaas Limited	INE039B01026
21	CYBERMEDIA	Cyber Media (India) Limited	INE278G01037
22	DECCANCE	Deccan Cements Limited	INE583C01013
23	DELTAMAGNT	Delta Magnets Limited	INE393A01011
24	EMKAY	Emkay Global Financial Services Limited	INE296H01011
25	ETC	ETC Networks Limited	INE098J01017
26	FOSECOIND	Foseco India Limited	INE519A01011
27	FTCPOF5YDV	Franklin Templeton Capital Protection Oriented Fund	INF090I01080
28	FTCPOF5YGR	Franklin Templeton Capital Protection Oriented Fund	INF090I01072
29	FTCSF5YDIV	Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund-Capital Safety Fund-5Y Dividend Option)	INF090I01049
30	FTCSF5YGRO	Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund-Capital Safety Fund-5Y (Growth Option)	INF090I01031
31	GKB	GKB Ophthalmics Limited	INE265D01015
32	GLFL	Gujarat Lease Financing Limited	INE540A01017
33	GODFRYPHLP	Godfrey Phillips India Limited	INE260B01010
34	GTNIND	GTN Industries Limited	INE537A01013
35	GTNTEX	GTN Textiles Limited	INE302H01017
36	GUJSTATFIN	Gujarat State Financial Corporation	INE944A01011
37	HARITASEAT	Harita Seating Systems Limited	INE939D01015
38	HINDCOMPOS	Hindustan Composites Limited	INE310C01011
39	HINDSYNTEX	Hind Syntex Limited	INE155B01012
40	IMPEXFERRO	Impex Ferro Tech Limited	INE691G01015
41	INDIANCARD	Indian Card Clothing Company Limited	INE061A01014
42	IPRINGLTD	IP Rings Limited	INE558A01019
43	IVP	IVP Limited	INE043C01018
44	JDORGOCHEM	JD Orgochem Limited	INE263B01022
45	JEYPORE	The Jeypore Sugar Company Limited	INE180E01014
46	KEYCORPSER	Keynote Corporate Services Limited	INE681C01015
47	KHAITANLTD	Khaitan (India) Limited	INE731C01018
48	KHANDSE	Khandwala Securities Limited	INE060B01014
49	KSE	KSE Limited 	INE953E01014
50	LAKSHMIFIN	The Lakshmi Finance & Industrial Corporation Limited	INE850E01012
51	LAKSHMIMIL	The Lakshmi Mills Company Limited 	INE938C01019
52	LUMAXIND	Lumax Industries Limited	INE162B01018
53	MANJEERA	Manjeera Constructions Limited	INE320D01018
54	MELSTAR	Melstar Information Technologies Limited	INE817A01019
55	MVLIND	MVL Industries Limited	INE141B01020
56	NAGREEKCAP	Nagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Limited	INE245I01016
57	NIPPOBATRY	Nippo Batteries Company Limited	INE567A01010
58	NOL	National Oxygen Limited	INE296D01010
59	NUCENT	Nucent Finance Limited	INE980A01023
60	ORIENTALTL	Oriental Trimex Limited	INE998H01012
61	PDUMJEIND	Pudumjee Industries Limited	INE105C01023
62	PEACOCKIND	Peacock Industries Limited	INE600A01019
63	PERIATEA	The Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Company Limited 	INE431F01018
64	POLARIND	Polar Industries Limited	INE057B01010
65	QUINTEGRA	Quintegra Solutions Limited	INE033B01011
66	RAIREKMOH	Raisaheb Reckhchand Mohota Spinning & Weaving Mills Limited	INE313D01013
67	RAJVIR	Rajvir Industries Limited	INE011H01014
68	RANEENGINE	Rane Engine Valve Limited	INE222J01013
69	RBL	Rane Brake Lining Limited	INE244J01017
70	REGENCERAM	Regency Ceramics Limited	INE277C01012
71	REMSONSIND	Remsons Industries Limited	INE474C01015
72	SAKSOFT	Saksoft Limited	INE667G01015
73	SAMBHAAV	Sambhaav Media Limited	INE699B01027
74	SANDESH	The Sandesh Limited	INE583B01015
75	SGFL	Shree Ganesh Forgings Limited	INE883G01018
76	SGL	STL Global Limited	INE353H01010
77	SHALPAINTS	Shalimar Paints Limited	INE849C01018
78	SHARRESLTD	Sharyans Resources Limited	INE559D01011
79	SHREYANIND	Shreyans Industries Limited	INE231C01019
80	SOFTPRO	Softpro Systems Limited	INE117B01012
81	SOLEMS	Solectron EMS India Limited	INE647I01013
82	SOMANYCERA	Somany Ceramics Limited	INE355A01010
83	SRHHLINDST	SRHHL Industries Limited	INE724B01023
84	SRHHYPOLTD	Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Limited	INE917H01012
85	STINDIA	STI India Limited	INE090C01019
86	SUDARSCHEM	Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited	INE659A01015
87	SUPREMETEX	Supreme Tex Mart Limited	INE651G01027
88	SURANAIND	Surana Industries Limited	INE659D01019
89	TAINWALCHM	Tainwala Chemical and Plastic (I) Limited	INE123C01018
90	TANFACIND	Tanfac Industries Limited	INE639B01015
91	TCPLTD	TCP Limited	INE459B01018
92	THEMISMED	Themis Medicare Limited	INE083B01016
93	THIRUSUGAR	Thiru Arooran Sugars Limited	INE409A01015
94	TIMESGTY	Times Guaranty Limited	INE289C01025
95	TNTELE	Tamilnadu Telecommunication Limited	INE141D01018
96	TULSYAN	Tulsyan Nec Limited	INE463D01016
97	UNITEDTEA	The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited	INE458F01011
98	VARDMNPOLY	Vardhman Polytex Limited	INE835A01011
99	VHL	Vardhman Holdings Limited	INE701A01023
100	VINDHYATEL	Vindhya Telelinks Limited	INE707A01012
101	WEIZMANIND	Weizmann Limited	INE080A01014
102	WENDT	Wendt (India) Limited	INE274C01019
103	ZENITHEXPO	Zenith Exports Limited	INE058B01018
104	ZENITHINFO	Zenith Infotech Limited	INE899A01017
105	ZODJRDMKJ	Zodiac JRD- MKJ Limited	INE077B01018
at 9.15 shalimarpaint was 833.20 but no buyers so iwaited till 11.30 boom stock was on fire..... brought 200 at 178 hoping it may give good return in no time stick stumbled to back to 833.20.
i shud have read your post earlier.
brokers are playing news channel are playing.......:annoyed:


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I have learnt this lesson bitterly in my early stages. :mad:
Never buy stocks which are not in F&O.
Hope other new traders see this post and learn from it. :)

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