NSE Amibroker Database 5 yrs with self update

Sir @OneThatGotAway :

I have seen in your signature, NEST to Amibroker option for datafill.

Can that we used instead ? Will that backfill for last 3 years ?

If so, we can shift to that option instead of yahoo.


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I tried using yahoo database, somehow it's not working at my end .

I manually added new ticker 'TATAMOTORS.NS' etc.

Are you able to use yahoo for data ? And can it backfill for last 3 years ?

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No as of now I am not using Yahoo Data. I use Bhavcopy data for Daily Data and Nest Trader backfill for intraday data. Both utilities have been developed by Josh1.


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Add script what u want manually ... it works for last 18 yrs too
here is ami quotes 3.31 .. google has been permanently removed and yahoo is set as default .

it is assumed u installed amibroker in C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker
if any other directory u installed amibroker then just give amiquoite path where on installation screen

i didn;t wanted to upload amiquote 3.31 but i uploaded it anyway coz i was Bored lol hahahahaha

downlaod this pass is test123
Amiquote 3.31
google drive :- https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1nD9f3BHBis3bHISvh7FBv3jsyrvq6AxF
pass is test123

yahoo EOD feed is working i just tested process is different
for Tatamotors share price one needs to use TATAMOTORS.NS
as symbol name
In amiquote click edit -->add ticker and put TATAMOTORS.NS
OR for bse just add name as TATAMOTORS.BO

off course selecting source as YAhoo Historical EOD
and select start date say 1/01/1998

i haven;t prepared database as right now my concentration is one scrip tatamotors only. you can add script manually whatever u want Or
if you have free time why not make database of all scrip and paste in forum .
Something is better then nothing always .
NEST to Amibroker option for datafill from NEST too works fine link in signature so help yourself

And for International USA Barcharts api works
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Hi ,

Based on recommendation of @OneThatGotAway ,
I updated my AmiQuote and Added NSE Ticker for various Script Sysmbol, and it worked like charm.

I am attaching the CSV File of all the Symbols of NSE, so that if you wish you can just copy Paste .
Example :-


Whole list is attached with this post for NSE Script.

( I created the list downloading BhavCopy, then concatenated it with '.NS' in excel sheet ).

Hope it helps you guys.




Is there a way to get 1 min IEOD data using Yahoo finance for last 1 month or so
and to get it on daily basis for current month
How many days data can we download using NEST ?

I mean for 15 days .. 180 days ?
1 min data is possible only from nest pulse......idk other source that gives 1 or 5 min data free ...
google has stopped giving 1 min or 5 min or even EOd data .
Yahoo is still giving EOD data free
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