Dear All,

I am a NRI and I made a lumpsum investment in a Mutual Fund

My agent did my KYC as a resident Individual and the Folio in the Mutual Fund reflects my status as a resident Indian too.

The fund for this investment was given from NRE Account.

I want to do two things:
1. Update my status as NRI in the Folio.
2. KYC modification from Resident Indian to NRI.

Kindly guide me how to go about it.
1 and 2 Yes, You can modify your existing KRA ( KYC) from resident to non resident. This is permitted. You may open NRO Demat Account, transfer all your MF holding can go in this Demat Account and status in all the holding will become NRO. Alternatively, after changing KYC, you would need to write to individual RTA for making change in your residential status.

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