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Nothing fancy, like every other trader i m also full of greed and fear. I would call myself a Pro trader trading from last 5+ yrs as always try to learn more and more . Having said that the motive to join traderji is not to learn but the purpose itself is not clear to my instinct at the moment.

Anyways what would you guys think one can earn from 50k in commodities in year? Yes i know ill prefer a gradual slope rather than a spike and blow the account.


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does it usually takes 1 day to post?
No, it is taking longer for your posts to appear because you are new. Once you have made a few posts, like maybe 10+, then your posts will start to appear instantly.

Thanks for suggestions. As I have small capital, I am trading Nifty on a small volume 1 lot at a time. I learn that trading in crude or ng require less capital but are comparatively more volatile than Nifty.
I wud suggest yu to trade only in equity with good fundamental companies and not trade in futures . Since trading in futures has many parameters interlinked for yur success and trading in right trend only solves a part of problem . The right moment itself is another big aspect to come out in profit..

Rest keep learning.
All the very best

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