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hi ,

i'm new in this share Market world as well as on this site. i want to invest Money in share market, given my full effort to gather information through Google, and founded that Demat Account is needed for this,i already completed all document for creation of Demat Account, this time i'm in confusion related to this Account becouse my Friends told me there is several kind of Demat Account, which is better for me? as i'm student, so please give the right way and tell my Following Question.
1. where should i creat my Demat Account?, NSDL brocker or any Banks who offer us for account creation, which is better? and Why?
2. What are the charges for this services provider.
3. How can i purchage & Sell the Share?


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For purchasing and selling of shares, u require a demat account and a trading account. If u ask any of the brokers or Deposit Participants, they will guide u. Some of the deposit participants may insist on demat account to be opened with them only. Some may allow u to use the existing demat account also. so, first u decide with whom u want to open online or offline trading account. for example, if u open an account with icici, hdfc, sbisec, sharekhan, etc., they will open all the required acounts in one go. Normally, the charges for demat account may be around Rs.350-400 per year. Earlier in Stock holding Corp, there was a scheme where if u deposit Rs.4000/- (interest free), u can hold the demat account free of the annual fee and whenever u want to close the account, at that time, they will charge one year's annual fee only. Once if u open a trading account and demat account, u can buy & sell shares either online or over phone. u can transfer your funds and your scrips will be credited to your demat account and vice versa when u sell

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