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Hi every body,

We have in the "Software" section, there are many threads dealing with trading related software, but I couldn't
find any exclusive one on Hardware, operating system and other non-trading software.

The information available was spread across many threads, as and when the subject cameup for discussion.

I appeal to all software professionals on this forum to contribute generously which will help everybody.

Any trader's first worry is :
'How can I make profit?'

His second worry is :
'Will my system, software, other ancilliary systems and the connectivity, not related to trading will continue to
help me at the most critical moment?'

But his most important worry is :
'Will my second worry ever become the FIRST worry?'

Let us pray to God that our second worry shall never become the first worry!

But God helps only those who help themselves.

So, let us start, my friends.



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Hi all,

My computer was infected by virus a few days back and has given me tense moments. I could somehow bring the system back into operation, but the changes the virus has made to the system files has slowed down the system and the hard disk is to be reformatted. But now I have the oppurtunity to back-up my important data files before reformatting.

In the process, I came across a post on the internet where similar virus was discussed. I am giving 'abstract' from the forum, where preventive measures were suggested.

Below I have included a number of recommendations for how to protect
your computer in order to prevent future malware infections. Please take
these recommendations seriously; these few simple steps can stave off
the vast majority of spyware problems. As happy as we at SWI are to help
you, for your sake we would rather not have repeat customers. tongue.gif

*1)* Please navigate to and download
all the "critical updates" for Windows, including the latest version of
Internet Explorer. This can patch many of the security holes through
which attackers can gain access to your computer. *Your current versions
are outdated. I cannot stress enough how important this is.*

*2)* In order to protect yourself against spyware, you should consider
installing and running the following *free *programs:

Ad-Aware SE <>
A tutorial on using Ad-Aware to remove spyware from your computer may be
found here <>.

Spybot-Search & Destroy <>
A tutorial on using Spybot to remove spyware from your computer may be
found here <>.
Please also remember to enable Spybot's "Immunize" and "TeaTimer" features.

SpywareBlaster <>
A tutorial on using SpywareBlaster to prevent spyware from ever
installing on your computer may be found here

SpywareGuard <>
A tutorial on using SpywareGuard for realtime protection against spyware
and hijackers may be found here

Make sure to *keep these programs up-to-date* and to *run them
regularly*, as this can prevent a great deal of spyware hassle.

*3)* Please consider using an alternate browser. Mozilla's Firefox
browser is *fantastic*; it is much more secure than Internet Explorer,
immune to almost all known browser hijackers, and also has the best
built-in popup blocker (as an added benefit!) that I have ever seen. If
you are interested, Firefox may be downloaded from here:

*4)* Also make sure to *run your antivirus software regularly, and to
keep it up-to-date.*
Not running Anti-virus software regularly is somewhat suicidal in today's digital world. AVG
<> makes an excellent *free
*antivirus client, as do AntiVir <> or avast!

Please make sure to *run your antivirus software regularly, and to keep
it up-to-date.*

*5)* Finally, consider maintaining a firewall. Some good free firewalls
are ZoneAlarm
Sygate <>, or
Outpost <>
A tutorial on understanding and using firewalls may be found here

Please also read Tony Klein's excellent article: How I got Infected in
the First Place <>

Hopefully this should take care of your problems! Good luck.


I forgot to book-mark the thread, will try to retrieve and post the link later.
Wish you all a Worry-free New Year.



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murthymsr said:
Hi every body,

His second worry is :
'Will my system, software, other ancilliary systems and the connectivity, not related to trading will continue to
help me at the most critical moment?'

So, let us start, my friends.


Hi murthymsr

let me start straight away.

There are two kinds of systems --production related and development related.

I assume that all trading activities are on dedicated production level system.
Secondly, trading activity is online through specific software provided by the broker.
Thirdly critical data is kept in that system.

Following rules must be followed:-

1.Never never use trading system for development work. Development systems are more likelyto crash due to programming errors.

2. Keep a backup routine :- daily, weekly or monthly. There are several systems. You can do daily incremental backup and full weekly backup.Use CD writer or tape drive.Keep backup data in a safe place data may be offsite.

3. Keep a maintenance routine:-

a. run antivirus daily. Keep this AV program updated.
b. run scandisk / chkdsk weekly. disk cleanup once in a month
d. run disk defragmenter once in a two months. The frequency can be decreased if deletions additions of files donot take place frequently.
e. Run registry cleaner if you install uninstall programs .Though avoid this on a production level system.

4.If you are multi tasking i.e. running several programmes at the same time then keep at least one GB RAM. Now a days all systems are coming with good processing capabilities.But RAM is a must.

5.Keep your system on a firewall if it is connected to internet.

6. Once in a while call the maintenance guy to clean up the system to keep it free of dust.Normally booting up problems are due to disconnected RAM or Video Card or loose connectors for other devices.

7. Keep critical system under maintenance warranty from a reputed company.

8. Keep a good online UPS with properly earthed.Calculate load factor at 60%. i.e. if you need 600 va take ups with 1 kva. Youcan addadditional batteries to extend backup time to suit your requirement. Itshould takein to account how much time you take tobackup your data and shut down the system or if youneed to continue working with the system during trading hours,or how often power goes off or how quickly it comes back. Normally 30-60 minutes are good.

8. Always shut down the system properly.
9. Keep Optical mouse as it is less prone to dust.

For the time being this may be enough.
Hello Murty and Pankaj,
Thanks a lot ---for bringing up this issue---I have faced this probem multiple times----I had once(Recently)made one of the greatest mistakes while formatting my H.D for virus infection---Forgot to take back up---of one of my most imp utilities---As such that work is lost forever--(As long as I dont remake it again)
Regarding running of antivirus,----One must be cautious of using it seriously---as it slows down the machine sometimesto a great extent(I m more of a risk taker---others abide as advised by Pankaj)-----But then prevention is always better than cure---
Service Pack 2 of Windows XP ----prevents the "Blusterworm" virus---with was once the cause of my headache--At present it is serving my purpose of using interget ---sometimes without the antivirus software on----Regular use of Windows update(as specified by Murt)---is very essential.
AVJ---antivirus is lite weit---as compared to NORTON ANTIVIRUS2005,or MACUFFE---but its quite useful---
Spywares r again a hindrence---I generally use a few of the freewares available---
I do not use a firewall--though its of great use----again the tradeoff has to made acc. to ones own limitations---
Hope some other will contribute---and share their experiences too---
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Thanks pkjha30 and joy_mitali, for the spontaneous response.
Let us post peridically and keep the thread alive for the benefit of all !

To minimise the virus attacks and the system crashes, I take these precautions. This is to initiate the discussion and for the information of all boarders.

I use AVG free antivirus, with updates and clean-up done 2 or 3 times a week, in off-line mode.

I use Ad-Aware SE Personal with updates and clean-up done regularly.

I use the regisrty cleaner by Juoni Vuorio regularly. (I am not getting the free version any longer, may be it became a payware). Suggestions about better alternatives are welcome.

For RAM cleaning, I use Max-mem (actually it starts with windows and runs all the time.

I was all along using Internet Explorer & outlook Express. Now I have also installed Mozilla and will be switching-over after familiarisation.

Firewall is something I have tried earlier, but was not comfortble with and uninstalled. A good firewall software may please be suggested.

I sometimes take back-ups, but not regularly. I have to cultivate this habit. I am looking out for some good back-up software, suggestions are welcome. (What i mean is a small bit of batchfile, which saves the source and destination foldernames & filenames and the back-up operation is just a click away).

As a shortcut to back-up, I install only the OS on one partition and all other software and my documents on another partition. After a crash, If i were to format the partition, I will reinstall the other SW over the existing location. This is working most of the times. Also, when I have an option, I will Prefer a software which does NOT require installation. (Shell)

I silicit comments / suggestions and better better alternatives.

Thanks in advance.
Yes Murthy, thanks for starting this thread.......and you PKJha, thanks for your valuable input too. Nice thread this; helps dummies like me understand my PC & my OS better.

Keep telling us fellas but please go a bit soft on your IT jargon. Bring it down to layman terms if you can. May help numbskulls like me understand the pit-falls & remedies better.:D


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thanks for kind words joy , murthy and jaideep.

I agree that a tradeoff has to be made between using Antivirus software or skipping it.
I would endorse AVG software which I am also using it. I switched to it after running norton. Updating AVG is not a problem nor it is a system hogger.

Again pain of loosing your data or risking complete formating of your Hard Drive is too much. When you are connected to internet somebody might try to steal your confidential data such as username password stored in various files might trap your keystrokes and loss may be unthinkable.Even trading may be compromised.Therefore It might be prudent to use firewall and anti virus. I would also recommend Zone Alarm Personal edition which is free.

RegCleaner mentioned by Murthy is what I regularly use if I do any install or uninstall of programs.recently I used WinASO regdefrag to compact registry files which increases Windows start up time. Its quite effective.

I would stress that if possible use 1 GB RAM as it would reduce much overhead. Normally the processor is never utilised to the maximum and running of a program depends how much of it is loaded in the RAM (Random Access Memory) and how much is accessed from HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

Spybot Search and Destroy is very good.

Keep your Internet security to medium.

Do not use any RAM Cleaner or RAM defrag as performance may not improve since for repeated task windows has to reload files which may be cleaned up. I have personally verified this.

Most of the routine backup job and maintenance job can be automated and carried out at the time when PC is not used.

Run only those programs which you need.Check up start up folder and delete all entries ecept those required by you. Run MSConfigcleanup.exe program and disable program or services which you do not require.
Remember Windows explorer and systray program ( seen on the right bottom corner of the screen conatining program icons) is must so do not disable it.

I am posting link of a backup program . See if it is useful.

Another small program cb-copy (just 7.7 kb) is uploaded. Simple to use but no automated backup. For selected files it may be very good.




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Thanks for posting your valuable experience and for the automated back-up program/link and the firewall reference, which I will try.

Regarding cleaning of the RAM (Analog MaxMem), my observation is different. The other software is RamBooster, but it consumes about 1 MB of RAM.

As I already said, I use Analog MaxMem. I keep the setting to 5%, meaning - if the running programs try to consume more than 95 % of RAM, some less utilised programs are closed to mke available 5 % of RAM only. This is helpful. Only in cases when system is hung, I will in the manual mode, attempt to release more RAM. If you have anything to suggest on this, you are welcome.

By the way, I often find my required free "Non-Trading software" at and . I recommend it for those with some grip on the software..

As more people join to share their experiences and recommendations, we can summarise and give a small write-up covering one or two recommended software for each application.

jaideep, i think, i have answered your question.


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