No postings from Traderji

havent seen any comments or postings from traderji himself ?.
nkpanjiyar said:
I do have the same complaint. Traderji your posts are dearly missed.

Ditto that,nkpanjiyar......Traderji,your posts are sorely missed.Would be great to have you back !!Hope you'll be showering us with your knowledge and wisdom very soon.

Hello Traderji

Thanks For This Information, But I Have A Question About
Its Current Financial Position Its Net Profit Is -82.79
And Adjusted Eps Also Is -13.41

But In Metastock Charts Its Showing Uptrend And Also
Volume Is Also Increased...

I Cant Understand How This Stock Is Moving Without Any Profit??

I Am Watching It Since 11

Once Enterd At 14 And Exited At 13 Due To Its Negative Financial Report..

But I Was Wrong.....

If You Have A Time Then Please Clear My Doubts Regarding This Negative
Finance Issue...

Thank You Very Much
Traderji said:
Here is one penny stock that I consider to be a good BUY:

Parekh Platinum
thanks a lot
however it is seen that when a market is near its height the penny stock start to fall as the perception is that the bull run is over and bear will take over. so my question is whether it is advisable to invest in penny stock now or wait for correction in the market. my views might be wrong .please guide me and clears my doubts as i holdthe advise of senior members in hightest regards

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