Ninjatrader 8

I have problem . NT8 was officialy released its not in Beta. I have subscripted data feed from NSE for USDINR by Interactive Brokers. when i am connected to NT7 everything is working perfect no problems occured(chart ,data traded price is correct) but when i am connected to NT8 there are problems. In time and sales you dont see traded corrected quantity of contracts you dont see correct traded price and you see traded price in High and Low of the day in few second and chart isnt okey. But when you open 1 minute chart after market close dont see any problems everything is OK. I have contacted Ninjatrader but they dont know what is a problem have send logs, pictures they dont know what is problem why is working on NT7 and not NT8.
I have don picture its to big will post link.
do you know how to use multi timeframe sma in NT8?
i mean 100sma of 4hr can be plot on 15min timeframe....
i try to find this indicator but havent find it.Try this plot indicator on chart than right moue click -indicators find this indi in indicator properties set this values. than click apply and ok.

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