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We all know that, given our humongous population, poor system & excessive democracy (vote bank politics), India is not (and perhaps will never be) well-equipped to handle such pandemic.

Modi cannot be blamed for population. He can be blamed for poor system to certain extent. He deserves full credit for trying to end vote bank politics. He cannot stop if the world is going to end tomorrow. He is indeed doing the best given the limitations.


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He is not saying its wrong, he is asking about other stuffs which should be asked to and replied by govt.
all things are happening sir... govt machinery is working hard... but huge population, illetaracy, lack of resposibily among it is tough to handle.... inspite of all tht seems we the numbers are unter control and now the projections are also not bad... lets see...

tough time... sitting at homes we cannot do expecting modi to talk is no point..anyway he is not going to do is not his style of functioning... but we support wht ever he do now....
US markets in green.

Indian Markets likely to follow suit? Many times they do, but many times they buck the trend.

When Modi announced 21 day lock-down, everyone predicted a bloodbath next day. Markets behaved exactly opposite. On CNBC TV-18, in the pre-opening session when market was marginally in green, the news-person actually laughed sarcastically indicating that the markets in no way can be positive. Markets had the biggest positive closing that day.
I agree with all, except Indusid bank, something doesn't feel right about that fall and is not aligned with nifty fall. Anyone else feels that way?

I am not going to discriminate, going to invest at all levels in all stocks equally of Nifty Fifty and going to add extra 30% in SBI only exception Indus id. Thinking of adding at whenever a new low is made, Trying to catch a falling knife :(. But that's me a kniffe catcher!
The fall in Indusind is definitely not natural.

Either the bank's fundamentals are in doldrums or the manipulators are having a field day. The Hindujas too maybe playing along.


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Both RBL and IndusInd are suffering from flight of money. IndusInd recently reported that Govt departments and corporates were pulling out money and overall deposit was 11% down from previous quarter. Even if nothing wrong with bank, such news will alert people and they will try pulling out their money until RBI steps in. At that point the banks becomes Yes Bank!

The recent news about increase in deposit in HDFC Bank and Kotak Bank proves that many are moving money from small banks (could be from listed entities or from co-operative banks). So do 'Trade' in smaller banks, but Invest in big ones.

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