Nifty Simulation Virtual Stock Market - Game on Traderji Chat


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hi Friends,

after hours of chatting in traderji i found many of the newtraders are hunting for their doubts but not solved inspite of waiting hours so i came to a solution.

"Virtual Stock Market - Game on Traderji Chat"

What does Chat Room Main Windows Shows?
It Only Shows Ticks

How to Pick a Trade?
Simple u need to Give ur Buy or Sell to Broker who will be the "xxx" User in Chatroom.

What is the purpose of this Game?
It will be useful for beginner trader & can learn how to trade the markets without real money involved.

Is This only Limited to New Traders?
No it is not limited to new Traders it helps for all kind of traders

Who will be the team of Members in Chatroom?
1. Tick Simulators (Mostly Moderators)
2. Brokers (Begginers Traders)
3. Market Makers (Advanced Traders)
4. SEBI (Begginers Traders)
5. Traders (Begginers Traders)

When will this Game Begin?
it will be informed after gathering of Traders who are ready to help.
This game will function on Sunday's or Holiday's.

This is just a small idea to the forum, ur Idea's & Rules are most welcomed to improve our traders community.



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How many players Can play this Game?
Due to limitations of Chat Room first let us Start with
5 Players(i.e Traders)
5 Players(i.e Market makers)
5 Players(i.e Brokers)
1 player for SEBI
1 Player for Tick Simulator (Mind u This will be very Stressful Job)

Total Players required will be 17 players

How to play this game?
Just post a role u like to be in Trader/Market Maker/Broker

Sebi & Tick simulator will be limited coz only 1 player is required here.

Why "Traders" should be equal to "market makers & brokers"?
because i try to give u a real simulation & speed of market moves

What will be visible on main Screen of Chat window?
only Ticks of Nifty no users are permitted to type in main chat window
no trader is suppose to chat with Tick simulator if help is need SeBI user will help u or Broker. All Trader complaints are forwarded to SEBI user if Broker is not helping in trades.

- Each Trader is Assigned to Each Broker
- Each Broker is Assigned to Each Market maker
- Every Market Maker can chat with Tick simulator only for Request His Quote
- But Tick simulator is free to roll on any Tick he choose best at that moment

1 Trader : 1 Broker : 1 market maker let us name as GRoup A
1 Trader : 1 Broker : 1 market maker let us name as GRoup B
1 Trader : 1 Broker : 1 market maker let us name as GRoup C
1 Trader : 1 Broker : 1 market maker let us name as GRoup D
1 Trader : 1 Broker : 1 market maker let us name as GRoup E

Total Players 15
One for sebi other one for simulator

all ur trading journals will be saved in excel sheets this helps us to track losses.

to be continued...


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i will try my best to simulate like real market more players join more fun it will be

dont assume that this is a game it can make u a real trader

Cheat sheets will be provided if u loose 3 times continuously this will be in the form of Leverage ur Margin & MM principles other professional things wch are not available in books.

Like turning balance from 3000 to 30000


30000 to 3000

i mean when to increase or decrease ur positions

Team work is required to make more interactive

Simulation on chat is new idea but principles of stock are same


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