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How do you use OAT tool?

  • For Intraday Naked Options trading

    Votes: 58 37.7%
  • For Intraday Pair trading of Options

    Votes: 27 17.5%
  • For Intraday Futures trading

    Votes: 18 11.7%
  • For Positional Naked Options trading

    Votes: 35 22.7%
  • For Positional Pair trading of options

    Votes: 29 18.8%
  • For Positional Futures trading

    Votes: 11 7.1%
  • To trade in Cash market

    Votes: 13 8.4%
  • Overall trading has improved with OAT

    Votes: 27 17.5%
  • Understanding of Options has improved with OAT

    Votes: 57 37.0%

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Straddle applied to Sun Pharma:

Buy 940 CE + PE = 19 + 9 = 28 Points ( Yesterday near Day end)

Sell 940 CE + PE = 111 + 1 = 112 Points ( Current Trading Values)

Profit = 112 - 28 = 84 Points

Investment 28 points, Return 84 Points in 1 day ( 3 times)
Plz recheck.

It seems call and put prices of sell are interchanged. Otherwise overall performoance is same.:clapping:


Well-Known Member
Yes I think 200 points minimum is required. Ideally it would be good to have 500 points, which you normally get in the beginning of the Series.

120 points is good in the beginning of the month.

This month is also Long with more or less 5 weeks of trading.
So Let us say that in this month we had 25 trading days.

So for 120 points to Expire to Zero it will take 25 days. So in a day due to Time value (theta), the Option will loose ~4.8 points. In a week it would be 5 * 4.8 = 24 points (for a normal month with 20 trading days - the weekly target would be 30 points)

So for JUL-15 with 5 weeks of Trading.

First week, Find a Pair with 120 points and make sure the ratio is either 50:50 if neutral or 75:25 if biased or Trending.
Second Week - 120-24 = 96 points
Third week - 96-24 = 72 points.
Fourth week - 72-24 = 48 points.

The above is for Positional or Weekly trading. Daily we can expect some 4.8 points and not 10 points or 20 points.

So we are more less at the end of third week, find a pair with 48 points with one strike at 36 and other strike at 12. Go for 8500PE-8850CE Pair @ 49
Dear Raj/Karthik bro,
Can you please suggest profit points if we take trades as per week mentioned we take pairs of 48 points how much can we expect points of target...
IMO karthik bro trades intraday your thoughts are important too :)


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if u see maxchoi of CE is more then Maxchi for pE and it has maintained that from start to end so no matter what today is day of Put :xD
Yes Bro !!! but you have to focus on other DP when it is near... 8600 is MAX PAIN..this done the toll ...Option Greeks+TA.have saved my ledger :D :D

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