Nifty intraday diary


low risk profile
hello everyone i am rahul. i will start intraday trading in nifty options from 1 mar today. i am starting with 25000 rs. i will add lots when i will be in profit ( power of compounding ) . lets hope for the best.. :)
if you are new to options, then start with 1 lot only.......:thumb:
who is your broker..?:)
i have accounts in rksv zerodha rkglobal bezel. but right now i am trading with achivers equity. 500 rs per month no brokrage for cash and fno. service is not as good as zerodha and rksv but still i am happy with such a low brokrage.
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To cover loss on first trade with 100, taking a second position of 200 shows a mindset of revenge trading . . .

anyway, wish you best

no this is not revenge trading. i use 2 systems. i got buy on both systems so taken 200 quantity. that call stright a way goes to 112 but i didnt book profit bcz i dont use profit target i trade till trend goes. if u will see last day chart u will come to know how market suddenlt went down. yes on both trades my s.l hit. but due to net disconnect somehow i got more loss than my systems.

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