NIFTY historical data


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Hi beginner_av...if you do a search in this forum you will get links to various Yahoo groups that give free eod data for both BSE and NSE that also include NIFTY along with volume, open interest etc.
Once you have the link, join the group and download historical data and the daily files. All files are in .csv format that Amibroker will use.
To make it easy for now, the link is this:
Hi friends,
I found this a Group called "mypaisa" ( ) in Yahoo Groups! ... that provide EOD Data for BSE, NSE & Derivatives at FREE of Cost. They also Provide Historical Data ... For BSE form 1984, NSE from 1994 & Derivatives from 2000. Please go there & have a Look ... I found this Group very helpful. I think this will help you too.

Happy Investing.



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hey guys can anybdy tell me where i can get the historical volume data of nifty.I really need that data.

Plz nybdy
The Nifty volume data provided by NSE is the same as the mktwide turnover & no. of shares fig (quoted in the Equities section of the NSE site) ; archives for the latter are available.

Btw, aren't archives available for the file? I couldn't find any link for the same at the NSE site.

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