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Just try Combination of 30 Minutes and 1Hour Chart with 20 Ema.. u can add 5 Ema cross over too if you like to.. its only a clue you have to experience it on your won (Back Test) before start your trade based on this ..
Remember this system may give only few good trading opportunity in a week..
Hi everyone ,
Im new here , although I have been following this site since long , I registered today itself . Ah well , coming back to the thread topic , Id say that Nifty is going to fall again on 11th August , well atleast untill it gets to the support level of 5032.

Analysis :
Although the trend is upwards on a larger TF , a daily trend suggests a bearish rally untill the previous 2 support levels viz. 5032 and 5049. A simple 200 MA and 60 MA support my above argument of these points being support levels.
Chart attatched ..

As far as the question of "probably when" will the levels boom to above 6500 , hmm my guess(based on historical data) is by the end of 2013/2014 start.

Pardon me if you feel that im wrong and I would appreciate any comments , positive or negative . If you wish to correct me , please provide some basis of your arguments (just for my better learning) .


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