Nifty Futures Opinion

Nifty Futures has formed a doji pattern on 13th Nov. Doji's at end of fast moving markets could be a major reversal sign.High Low was at 2571 & 2530.10. A fall below this Low could trigger a downslide. Once above the high we can be comfortable about the Bull run extending further. Chances of moving up are quite high as our proprietary Momentum indicator is moving up from a oversold zone. Those holding longs in Nifty Fut may use 2519 (aggressive) and 2489 (Less Aggresive) Stop Loss.

Hello Indian bullBear,
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A part of Kartiks Post:---in repy to the same content u have placed in another popular thread:
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hi indiabull,
the stock market has rallied a lot and novemebr futures has touched very high levels of 2610 as on today's closing. do u expect it to remain bullish or there are chances of any reversal going forward.

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