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Hello all ,

I want to subscribe for newsletter for short term trading .please advise me for a good news letter . I came across Tradersedge swing trading picks .Any one here subscribed to that ? iF yes , can you please post your rating about it . Please suggest some good news letters to choose .

Naresh Cherukuri
Hi Naresh,

I have been using and subscribing to various newsletters since 2001 and all I can say that you will not regret your decision to go with tradersedge swing trading newsletter.

I have been using swing trading picks since March 2004 and I was able to take advantage of the recent moves in the market because of this. it took me sometime to understand how to use the newsletter but once i finally understand (with help of the team at tradersedge) i am happy i made this decision.
i was a subscriber to tradingedge newsletter for swing trading scrips but i was unable
to remember support/resistance levels. also it recommends number of scrips, sometime more than ten, that too made selection difficult for me. i bought few scrips based on
'buy above' level, but that too did not work.
I have been using the Trend Trading newsletter for over two years now and it is good for investors.

They track all trades and inform when to enter and get out. In fact my trading has improved and now since the last 2 weeks i have started Swing Trading newsletter. I have bought 8 shares out of which i have booked profits in 6. The other two i will book profits on Monday.

They give target levels for every stock which is good for me. After I have tried the swing trading I personally like it much better compared to many others.

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