Newbie trader

Hello Fellow Traders,

I'm new to trading and this forum. I hope to have nice time reading and sharing thoughts about trading...well, right now, it will be mostly reading others thoughts as I've very less experience in trading :D
When I say I'm a newbie trader, I'm not actually a newbie trader. I have trading experience, but mostly through friends (bad) inputs and have lost huge money :annoyed:. I went to hibernation, concentrated on what I'm good and what I can do on my own knowledge i.e. my work. But, this time I ain't going to listen to other's input. Well, I mean, I will read and listen to experienced traders thoughts, but the decision will be mine and the responsibility of the end result will be mine.

# Rule No: 1 - Make your own decision

Last time, I invested money on friends opinion. But, this time I'm going to trade based on technical analysis. So, in this aspect I'm a newbie trader, because I don't know much about technical analysis.

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